Natasha Ledger

Northern Tablelands


Authorised by Natasha Ledger of Uralla 2350


Natasha Ledger 

Northern Tablelands.


Born in March of 76, exacting 23yrs of Sydney, exacting 23years of country, lends way to a balanced perspective of the political.
Grateful for a perfect upbringing nestled in the hills of old Bathurst road, overlooking city lights, now presently in perfect view of Guyra Mountain directly, blessed with unending scenery west, planted in rural Uralla.

Washing everyone’s car within a two mile radius in our teenage years’ afforded us the opportunity to catch the train into the city, to spend time in museums by the harbour, enjoying live street shows, The Imax, aquarium, shopping and fine ice-cream.
Public Transport, 24hr Medical Centres, Professional Services, Entertainment Fresh affordable produce, all readily available.
Immersed in twenty years of rapid urbanisation witnessed city replace farmland with mammoth infrastructure projects, supply chains and industry.
Buddy bee keeping on the Putty, at Colo, led to further farming afield in Edgeroi. Edgeroi led to Narrabri and Narrabri, led to the understanding and the importance of the Pilliga, cotton, water and the mighty Murray.

Horse-riding, Yarrie Lake, motorbike riding, all in your stride, a welcome change from clustered city life. Never wanting to leave Narrabri, life led to Armidale, living at first on Bundarra Rd Armidale, settling in at Invergowrie, Uralla.

My first distaste of politics after experiencing separate pubs for skin colour in the country was the appalling treatment of the Murray and the government red tape protecting the Pilliga being removed for mining exploration rights. The red tape placed around the Pilliga was a combination of red tape endorsed by three surrounding councils to protect the Pilliga from mining exploration.

Understanding the magnitude of importance, mingling with the locals, the story of the ancestors told, of the Pilliga; demonstrated sound scientific understanding of underground aquifers locally and adjoining further afield. Thus the journey of politics, the journey for change ignited.


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1991 – McDonalds Panthers League Club Penrith
1995 – Completed HSC
1996 – Manager Theatre Restaurants
Major oak theatre Restaurant and Burning Log Dural
1997 – Studied Commerce Law Western Sydney Nepean.
Farming Colo Heights

Narrabri Experience
Narrabri pony club, The Pony Express, Yarrie lake, crossing theatre Community Radio, sandy flats, Little mountain ,Pilliga, Cotton, Faber toolboxes Tourist hotel RsL

2009-Property owner -Invergowrie
2009 – President Little Bear Cottage
Bank Finance officer
2008 –Manager/ short order cheff Shenanigans Café

2011 – Business Owner Operator Property Maintenance

2016 – Councillor-Uralla Shire Council
2022- business owner/ Operator. landlord

Boards attended

  • Jobs Australia enterprise
    Arts North West
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Winterbourne windfarm
  • RFS Bushfire management
  • Uralla Audit and Risk
  • Uralla finance and review
  • UPC solar
  • Uralla Show society
  • Australia Day Committee Delegate
  • Namoi Joint organisation of councils 2016-2018
  • Glen Severn Joint organisation of councils 2018-2021


  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Australian Quality Control council
  • Australian quality college E team
  • Business IV
  • Cert III financial services
  • Commerce Law
  • Federal election
  • Finance
  • Construction/ chemical certification