Natasha Ledger

Northern Tablelands


Policies – 28

We pay our respect to elders past present and emerging.

Expand the regions water supply
Fund long term water security
Provide infrastructure upgrades regionally for ‘the integrated water catchment Management Plans’, the Regions long term water proposal, securing water into the future.
Fund works on new water supply sources. E.g. Upstream damming, off creek storage, design in agriculture.
Build the Bradfield
Hydro completes Australia’s requirement ensuring Australia’s 100% renewable energy grid.

This version of the Bradfield scheme for NSW would see a series of six dams linked by tunnels and pipelines, built on the Nymboida, Mann, The Upper Clarence, Timbarra, Cataract and the headwaters of the Dumeresque River
The project includes the hydroelectric station at Tenterfield.
How does it work? Diverted floodwaters would flow into the Darling River opening up areas for irrigation along the Dumeresque, Macintyre and Barwon Rivers.

No Cost Shifting to councils
Reform the infrastructure contributions system.
Decouple the independent pricing and regulatory tribunal led review of the rate peg to include population growth from the infrastructure contributions reforms.
Raise the minimum per capita safety net grant based on 30% of the general purpose component pool for regional councils $20.01 for 2016-17 down from the previous years $20.25

Consolidate council’s water management personnel.
That a Regional Water management team be appointed to adhere to legislative protocols required for town water supplies. Employing specialist to report to the government on water particulars costs small councils up to 300,000 a year. To employ a specialised team to travel to each regional location, ensuring water quality standards, saves regional councils up to 300,000 a year.

Airport expansion project.
North Regional Australia requires an airport to cater for value-add products to be delivered daily around the world. An airport not hindered by high winds, continued fogs and that can cater for larger planes required for exporting Australia’s product.
Guyra Armidale rail
powered by the renewable energy zone.

Strengthen the regions connectivity, by rail. Attract residents, business and investors.
Increasing services consolidates and grows key sectors in agriculture and industry

Millions for the skills gap package
Align skill training with Local business industry needs
Adult education and retraining opportunities
Address Regional skill shortages
Better funding for traineeships and apprenticeships
Raise the profile of vocational education and training.
Invest in Gto’s (government training officers) key contributors to young worker creation initiatives.
Ensure GTO’s exemption from future licencing schemes
Hiring people from Sydney for the job, indicates a stagnant and untrained workforce.
Local Engineers are struggling to find, local contractors, skilled workers and more engineers locally.
The region is growing and the pace of growth is quickening, restoring training networks from degradation at the hands of the present government is a priority
Residential Development
Allow streamlined processes for residential commercial and industrial development.

Ensure planning regulation facilitate diversification of agribusiness activities.

Ensure all new residential, commercial and industrial developments have fibre to premise.
Prepare mobile tower development strategy, addressing mobile black spots investing in additional towers improving coverage speed and reliability outside of townships.

Design building specifications that must be met at a minimum, enhancing building security in relation to localised environmental factors specific to the area.

Invest in a regional Waste
Invest in a regional Waste incinerator electric generator

Employ a regional incinerator electricity generator.
Fund and encourage ‘recycle to product program’ through council initiatives. Encourage councils to produce a business model for a Manufacturing plant, producing products from waste.

Seeding the future – Fund tri recycling bins in schools. Educating in Recycling, encourage composting and growing food.
Impose heavy waste levies for companies producing non-biodegradable waste.
Regulate cooperate waste.
Mandate waste to recycle for cooperation’s. Create Additional environmental loading fees if not adhered to.

Pull out of the Paris and UN agreements
With the biodiversity report not on the table, gives rise to the opportunity to speak for the value of our environment.
What are Our values, Our Expectations, Our Goals, embracing a thriving environment.

Pending climate crises, an Australian Environmental Constitution, creates a manifesto of present day culture, and future aspirations, for our environment, valuing Rivers, deserts, oceans and forests as entities.

Australian environmental constitution
Voice of our environment.
Creating our environmental constitution, lends way to mitigating the pending climate crises. Ensuring developments, pollution levels, animal welfare, forests, rivers, ecosystems move forward together, enhancing lifestyles and livelihoods.
Regulate foreign ownership of land in Australia
Foreign investor’s presently showing widespread interest in Australia when border restrictions ease
Review foreign ownership laws in Australia now.
• Decrease the allowable foreign contracts available annually.
• Increase foreign investment fees and charges through the FIRB, Foreign Investment Review Board.
• That Public infrastructure surrounding developments, adding to the performance of the asset, is supplied to a standard by the investor.
50 not 20 mill to Fishing and Camping upgrades,
By lifting the fishing and camping upgrades fund from20 million to 50 million, we can seek to create 100million. How? The extra funds will facilitate engaging an industry business team to aid in the control, of nomadic or seasonal vermin plagues. To create a formidable waste to product business plan where applicable and find solutions which may result in producing marketable products, in aid of reducing outbreaks of vermin.
Increase Minimum wage
As of July 2021 the National Minimum wage is $20.33 per hour or $772.60 per week
Fair Work Commission Review

The government is to provide a one off Cost of living payment of $250 to help low or middle income households on July 2022.
The Fair Work Commission review minimum wage increase of 2.4% to be implemented on the same day.

The Medicare levy family threshold on July 1 will be increased from $39167 to $39402
The present government continues presently with small business subsidies boosts and offsets scheduled to stay active for three months.

Both Increases being delivered together in the same quarter,represent little stimulus to the economy.

Mental Health
Fund …The Foyer project.- Aboriginal cultured care program

Work toward
Early intervention
Accessible health care
Follow Up strategies.

Five g aware

To date most of the attention has been on 5 g has been focused on low bands 3.6 GHz
Where 853 mill was recently paid for licenses Australia wide
Low band spectrum provides the wide area coverage layer for networks, while higher bands, mm-waves are used to provide localised higher capacity services.
Effects of frequencies in the higher band lending to microwave frequencies
Frequency radiation systems include disturbed sleep, blurred vision painful inflamed eyes, profuse sweating, tinnitus, palpitations etc.
Develop, initiate, monitor, evaluate program.

Increase Regional Road Funding

Increase regional road funding to build roads to a standard allowing 110km speed zones between towns.

Eliminate forced vaccinations effective immediately

Implement a no bribes policy effective immediately

Procurement policies and procedures are subject to regular continuous monitoring and improvement.

’no bribes policy’

• Conduct comprehensive reviews of all proponents in contracts, for serving members of parliament
• Enhance probity in contracting procedures
• Open effective channels of communication, a range of venues for reporting concerns in relation to possible corrupt conduct.

Bring in ICAC
Provide transparency, guidance, anticorruption process measures to countering bribery.
Employ Penalties for Elected MP or official exploiting bribery.

Independent inquiry required immediately.

The Red tape removal from the Pilliga.
The Delayed sale of Cubbie
The Murray – Mismanagement.
The APVMA reshuffle – Associated cost, procurement.
Inland Rail – lack of transparency, consultation, no business plan.
Health administration -Bribery in mandates
Land acquisition -Canabri

Stop the Narrabri Gas expansion project
An unprecedented 22,000 submissions opposing the Narrabri CSG Gas expansion project.

Narrabri Gas is a resultant of industry targeting areas of low socioeconomic resistance for large lot land grabs, laying transmission lines, physically biologically and chemically changing the living ecosystem into a nonliving system.
Depleting the environment and contaminating the state.
Bio diversity report delayed in delivery, at the time of this election.
550,000 grant to drill water for Yarrie Lake, postponed, presently.
Halt fracking immediately anywhere nationwide where there is evidence of land degradation.
Apply over exorbitant fines for breaches.

Note. Gas income for Australia is less than beer income for Australia.

Champion the needs of primary producers and the communities farmers contribute to.
Reducing distances of service delivery and supply chains.
Commit to paying farmers for ecosystem services.
Give farmers negotiating powers.
Family Facilitator
Provide an Arbitration, Mediation and Reconciliation platform for family breakdown.
Our first priority through difficult times is keeping families and relationships healthy.
Family breakdown sometimes happen for various reasons.
Family breakdown handled through the court system, has led for many, to unnecessary financial stress, more often than not, taking up lengthy periods, burdened by legal formalities.
Favouring the ‘family facilitator’ assists in alleviating any further discomfort that may be associated navigating the legal system.
To sustain 24 hr medical clinics rurally.
To sustain 24 hr medical clinics rurally.
Attracting and maintaining the delivery of 24 hour medical clinics.

The physical challenge Package
Investing in NDIS housing presently represents 9% returns.
A Strata complex multiplies the rate of return by the units created.
Council sewer and water services required by the number of additional housing units, generates additional income, for council.
Services required by the tenant, ie. Medical professionals, represents a demand created, adding to the attraction for professionals to engage, train, or reside locally.

The benefits being, Increased populace for small towns, increasing service capacity,
to retain and expand professional service requirements.

Manufacture, Manufacture, Manufacture
Deliver Light industry Manufacturing
Let’s start now, let’s start here!
Australian textiles.

Australian Made Uniforms for Australian Public service sector

Creating Australia in Australian Threads.
Word is out. ‘Australian Uniforms required’ –public service sector

Lets prepare manufacturing of AUSTRALIAN MADE TODAY.

Decriminalise cannabis
The Australian medical Association said ‘cannabis supports evidence based trials for the use of medical cannabis and believes should be seen primarily as a health issue and not as a matter for law enforcement.’
Extend Canberra’s relaxed law throughout the states.

Cannibals represent 1 billion tax revenue annually, and 250,000 jobs

Coal Policy

Reduce Renew Retrain
International demand for coal is Reducing.
Sites closing require correct remediation procedures.
To alleviate Site remediation cost to the tax payer we must ensure the environment is in pristine condition amongst closures.
That coal operators become accountable and responsible, when reducing operations.

That Coal mining sites are completely restored to its original format, and staff retrained ensuring employment continuation opportunities.

Bring Back the Rego Sticker
Convenience, choice, service.
Not everyone will choose to obtain a rego sticker. choice.
Revenue of unpaid rego’s escalated 160% in the first year of removing the sticker option.
Remove the 90 year suppression order on paedophiles
Unnecessary to say more unless, someone objects to this.
Education Funding
Ensure distribution of education funds between private and public sector schools is equitable and justifiable, ensuring all children are equipped adequately, pursuing education.
Solomon Island
To work together in concert
Develop dialog towards continued relations
Deliver required assistance
Continue to walk together
Meals on wheels
500 locations/76000 volunteers/care provisions 120,000 Australians
To address the inbalance in funding and between states and community care programs. Minimum unit price to equal the current minimum contribution